Stag Do Dares

    Posted on : 22nd of September 2020

    A gigantic list of Stag do dares

    Its common knowledge that what happens on a stag do stays on a stag do! We need to make the final party together with the lads truly stand out for the groom to be before he gets hitched off into married life, so we have put together some of the daftest and quirkiest dares of all time to keep the party entertained on their weekend up Newcastle!

    Common Stag do dares

    1.Wear a nappy

    2. Steal something from every bar you visit along the way

    3. Convince a girl to buy you a drink

    4. Work temporarily as a toilet attendant

    5. Convince a girl to give you her bra and wear it

    6. Steal a girl’s drink and drink it infront of her

    7. Go behind the bar and serve drinks to everyone

    8. Go all day and night barefoot

    9. Lick something in a bar or club (people are excluded)

    10. Get another guys number and flirt with him

    11. Wear a gimp suit to breakfast

    12. Lick a strangers armpit

    13. Steal someone’s shoe and drink from it

    14. Video and perform a lap dance on another man

    15. Teach a group of random people how to breakdance

    16. Mimic a strangers accent

    17. Sing everything you say all night

    18. Wear all your clothes inside out

    19. You have to say yes to everything for one hour

    20. Convince a stranger your an Italian.

    21. Hold hands with a man the whole night (including going to the toilet)

    22. Ask for diet water at every bar you go to.

    23. Confess to a stranger you used to be a women.

    24. Tell any male in uniform you love a guy in uniform.

    25. Go up to a bride-to-be who’s celebrating her hen and convince her that she’s making a mistake.

    26. Get the stag to dance from bar to bar rather than walking, maybe the moon walk?

    27.Make the stag buy a round in just coppers, the stares will be embarrassment enough.

    28. The stag must find a women with the same name as his fiancé and buy her a drink of his choice, nightmare if she’s got a very unique name.

    29.Get girls to kiss each other.

    30. Get the stag to carry an inflatable object around with him all night be it a doll, sheep, penis, whatever.

    31. Make the stag sing an entire song with a busker.

    32. Get the stag to purchase a cucumber and a tub of Vaseline, no self-checkouts are allowed to be used and facial expressions/smirks are not allowed.

    33. Stag vs bestman 1 arm press-up competition.

    So that’s it. A pretty hefty and outrageous stag do dare list.

    REMINDER - if anything gets a bit hostile just walk away and enjoy your night. Remember you want to have fun on your stag not get hospitalised. To plan your full weekend, check out our stag package builder now!


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