Hen Party Dares

    Posted on : 22nd of September 2020

    Here's our selection of hen night dares which are guaranteed to give you a right laugh on your hen night with the girls whilst in Newcastle!

    1.     Get a kiss from 5 different guys

    2.     Collect 3 pairs of boxer shorts

    3.     Kiss a man with a bald head

    4.     Down a shot of alcohol which someone else orders

    5.     Get a random guy to buy you a drink

    6.     Wear your bra outside your clothes for 10 minutes

    7.     Go up to a random man and propose

    8.     Get a man's glasses, take them from him, put them on and take a selfie

    9.     Photobomb at least 3 men's photos

    10. Go up to a man and sing to him

    11. Order a drink in a foreign accent

    12. Talk to a man in a foreign accent and convince him you're from that country

    13. Down 3 shots in a row

    14. Down a cocktail of the hen parties drinks

    15. Down a pint in one

    16. Get a man's business card and leave a message on his answer machine

    17. Talk to a random stranger like you've known him all your life

    18. Convince a stranger that you're famous

    19. Ask someone for their autograph

    20. Can't say no - For 30 minutes you can't say no to anything

    21. Blow a kiss to a stranger across the room

    22. Get a selfie with a doorman / bouncer

    23. Perform a dance like a cheerleader

    24. Serenade a stranger

    25. Ask a man to serenade you with a song

    26. For 10 minutes you can't speak, and have to sing everything you want to say

    27. Perform gym exercises and work out style dance moves to the music playing

    28. Get a pair of men's boxer shorts and wear them over your clothing

    29. Find a guy who'll let you put your lipstick on him

    30. Hug 5 different men

    31. Get a photo with the hottest man in the room

    32. Get someone to take a photo of you - But with their own camera!

    33. Get a man's phone number, and leave a message on his answer machine

    34. Take a photo with 4 different men who look like they could start a boy band

    35. Say the alphabet backwards

    36. Fake an orgasm

    37. Do 10 press ups in public

    38. Do some yoga poses

    39. Get a man to talk dirty to you

    40. Go up to a man and talk dirty to him

    41. Give a piggy back ride to someone

    42. Dance on a table or stand on a chair

    43. Take off your bra without removing your top

    44. Get a photo with a barman

    45. Stand on one leg and count to 20 out loud

    46. Swap an item of clothing with a man

    47. Do an impersonation of someone famous

    48. Have your photo taken with a policeman or someone in uniform

    49. Dance to the birdie song or the Macarena

    50. Remove a man's belt without using your hands

    So that’s it. A pretty hefty and outrageous Hen do dare list.

    REMINDER - if anything gets a bit hostile just walk away and enjoy your night. Remember you want to have fun on your Hen not get hospitalised. To plan your full weekend, check out our Hen package builder now!




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