Hen, Stag and Birthday Planning

    Posted on : 29th of January 2020

    So, you have been designated to be in charge of organising potentially one of the biggest weekends away of your lives! You get all frustrated because you don't know where to go, how many people are coming and how much it will all cost...

    Stags vs Hens would like to offer a helping hand in giving you the best hints and tips to keeping everything stress free and having the best weekend away that anyone can ask for (don't worry, we will still let you take all the credit)

    Figure out what they want

    Ok, the first thing you need to do is figure out what the main lad or lass of the special occasion wants. Whether they are in on the planning or if you are keeping it a secret, you want to establish what sort of weekend away they fancy, a wild weekend in Newcastle full of activities and bar crawls or a quiet chilled one at a spa or luxury hotel with a few activities incorporated into it. If it's a secret then try dropping subtle hints and find out that way what sort of weekend they fancy but always keeping the lad or lass in mind so when it comes to the weekend away they aren't absolutely dreading a hellish bar crawl whilst they are actually perhaps non alcoholics.


    Be sure to communicate with one another! A great way of doing this is setting up a group chat, this can easily be done via Facebook or WhatsApp. You can then bounce off ideas to everyone involved and its also a great way of establishing who wants to actually be involved and confirming who's wanting to participate and who's not really bothered. Ask everyone what budgets they have in mind as well, as people will always have different budgets they can accommodate for when it comes to a weekend away so try and keep it neutral, we would say a reasonable budget was £150PP for a weekend away including accommodation and a few activities.

    Keep it simple

    Packages that include your accommodation and activities are usually the best shout rather than trying to book these all individually and on most occasions save you valuable time and money. Because of Hotels mostly working off dynamic day to day pricing, you may find different dates to be more expensive than others and prices can alter over time so try and solidify a date with all the party first that you all agree you can accommodate for and book your packages as soon as possible to ensure you get the hotels and activities that you all want within your budget.


    When it comes to your activities always try and bounce ideas again off the group and see what they would like to do but most importantly gauge what the main lad or lass wants, a great weekend away will turn into chaos if you also start booking too many activities and you will most likely pulling your hair out trying to organise people onto too many activities as well as be too drained to participate in the fun shenanigans on a night time plus it will be expensive, we recommend no more than 3 activities a day in order to leave you with time in between to explore, eat, drink and chill.


    Don't waste all of your money on top of the range accommodation and leave yourself with no money for the fun stuff, likely hood is you will hardly be in the Hotel / Apartment and you will be out and about with your group exploring anyways, you are better off opting for a package deal where you can find luxury accommodation as well as activities all at an affordable price. The same principle applies if you were booking a package, always be mindful of dates as this can effect prices due to supply and demand with accommodation providers etc as there may be a local event on, we would encourage booking a date that everyone can accommodate and where its not a manic time of the year eg bank holidays.

    What to wear

    Whilst you want to have fun and wear the most appalling fancy dress costume on your party, be mindful that this may avoid you entrance into venues and ultimately leave the party missing out on the best attractions around. Whilst most venues accommodate for non offensive fancy dress, there is also venues that will turn away anyone coming dressed as a massive penis, we recommend that if you use a party planner like us, we can always keep you right and avoid disappointment.

    Ready for the best weekend away? , if you are ready for an experience not to be remembered and have an idea of dates, party size and desired activities then check us out.


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